What is professional bleaching?

In M3 Dent Dental Clinic professionals with a lot of experience bleach with different type systems.

Professional bleaching with Opalescense system.

Budged bleaching with a very good effect.

Professional bleaching with laser.

A lot better effect than the one with the Opalescense system.

Professional bleaching with Beyond system.

Premium bleaching effect. Amazing results. Specially designed for sensitive teeth. Unique post bleaching care with Beyond oral hygiene products, a gift from us which can extend the effect of the bleaching for maximal period of time.

The procedure is multi-step:

1. Scaling

2. AirFlow polishing

3. Application of gingiva protection

4. Teeth polishing with polishing paste

5. Three or four sessions of bleaching

Frequently asked questions:

1. Does it hurt?

Due to the bleaching procedure post-op sensitivity can occur but we use really powerful desensitizers, which makes it totally pain-free procedure.

2. How much time do I need for the procedure?

The professional bleaching normally takes from 90 up to 120 minutes which depends on the quantity of the calculus.

3. What post-bleaching care should I take?

After the procedure within 2-3 weeks you should reduce the consummation of coloring foods (oranges, lemons, cocoa, coffee, red wine). If you are smoker for the best effect you should reduce smoking too.

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