Preventive dentistry

We offer lots of prophylactic services: sealants, remineralisation, fluoridation, Air Flow polishing and oral hygiene motivation. The sealants cover the deep fissures and prevent the caries.
The remineralisation is recovery of demineralized enamel. It is a preventive therapy. The first stages of caries formation can be stopped and recovered. Such therapy is the Tooth Mousse paste. It consists Recaldent CPP- ACP. This is a system for providing the enamel with calcium and phosphate ions. It is suitable for enamel dysplasia.
Local fluoride prophylactic is applied as in children (with the purpose of stopping the caries) so in adults (after orthodontic treatment). Fluoride ions penetrate the enamel and make a compound with it – the most resistant compound in the human body.

The Air Flow method removes the bio-film to the bottom of the pocket without traumatizing the root. It reduces the bacterial plaque, strengthens the gums and reduces the depth of the pockets. It has polishing effect by removing teeth stains and colorings. It is very good method for peri-implantitis prophylactics.
Oral hygiene education is the choice of appropriate tooth paste, tooth brush, mouth wash and demonstration for correct technique for brushing on model. The patient is also educated how to properly floss. If it’s necessary an individual nutrient plan I made.