Pediatric dentistry

We offer motivation and dental fear struggle – our little patients are surrounded by lots of patience and attention. Our crew deals with old understandings that the dentist is always connected with negative emotions.
The pediatric treatment in our clinics is always full of games and jokes, children
perceive us like friend and they receive presents for their cooperation. The healthy deciduous teeth are necessary as for the normal nutrition of the child so for the correct and timely rupture of the permanent teeth. Typical for the caries of the deciduous teeth is his rapid development from white stains on the enamel surface to changing their color to brown. Breaking of parts from the tooth crown is followed by forming of a caries cavity. In the deciduous teeth the complications of caries are quickly developed – pulpitis, gangrene and abscesses.
This is the reason why after the rupture of the deciduous teeth the early diagnosis and adequate treatment is of high importance.
The most little change of the color of the enamel of a deciduous or permanent tooth makes the visit to the dentist urgent.
We offer filling the deep fissures with sealants which is good prophylactics for the caries development. The sealant is a fluoride ions source which supplies the enamel with the ions it needs. In this way the immature enamel has the possibility to mature into a caries resistant tissue. The sealant filling is done regularly until the age of 12-14.