Gum Disease Treatment

In M3 Dent Dental Clinic we treat gum diseases of different stages. We offer calculus cleaning, root planning, open and close curettage. We exam the pocket bacteria.
The gum diseases are infectious ones, which are caused by the bacteria in the plaque and cover all structures which hold the teeth: gingiva (gum), periodontium and bone. The plaque is well organized bacterial complex. Depending on the type of bacteria the gum diseases can be aggressive or chronic. The most comman form is chronic periodontitis, which is frequently discovered in very advanced stages. How you can learn that you suffer from periodontitis? The most comman signs of periodontitis are: bleeding from the gums, bad breath,tooth mobility or even tooth loss, that is not connected with caries or pulpal diseases. Your dentist will diagnose and consider these problems, but without examination of the depth of pockets around teeth and additional X-ray the final diagnose chronic periodontitis can`t be made. How periodontitis can be treated? There are three stages or phases in which different aspects of the periodontal disease are treated:
1.First phase: This phase is called initial or cause-related therapy. In this stage all causers of periodontal disease must be removed: all supragingival and subgingival calculus will be cleaned with ultrasonic machines, all bad restorations must be changed and even teeth that can`t be saved will be extracted. Also in this phase instructions for perfect oral hygiene must be made. Your dentist will give you this information and demonstrate the perfect method for cleaning your teeth. These instructions must be well learned and used in everyday brushing of your teeth in order to maintain theresult from the initial therapy made by the dentist.
2. Second phase: This phase is called corrective. In this stage different operative procedures can be made such as regenerative therapy which can decrease the regenerative therapy with which lost bone is regenerated. Another frequently used operative technique is gingivectomy where your dentist removes part of your gums in order to decrease pocket depths around your teeth. In this stage prosthesis or another constructions are made.
3. Third phase; In this stage the results must be maintained. Maintaining phase is for all life. If there is not good maintaining the disease will reactivate with all symptoms of it. This is why regular visits to your dentist must be made in 3-6 months. In these visits your dentist will professionally clean your teeth, treat your gums with laser ( laser stimulation ), and see how everyday oral hygiene is made.
Gum diseases and especially chronic periodontitis are curable diseases, but the phase in which they are diagnosed is important for the final result of treatment.