What is the dental implant?

Dental implantology is the most advanced method which deal with the tooth loss problem. Surgically an implant is placed in the tooth alveolus of previously extracted tooth or artificial one, which is made just before the procedure. On the implant an abutment is placed and on the abutment a prosthetic construction is cemented – crown, bridge or denture.

Application of implants:

– For restoration of single tooth loss
– For restoration of multi tooth loss with tooth-implant and implant-implant bridges
– For total restoration with implant-implant bridge.

– For total restoration with implant stabilized denture.

Dental implantation can be single or two step. The decision which method should be used is made after bone condition examination.

There are different implant systems. We offer Alpha Bio and Straumann implant systems.

After thorough dental examination an implant decision is taken. Complete exam of the x-rays is done and the taken impressions. The chosen plan is discussed with the patient and if it is approved the operation can begin.

After local anesthetics carefully the bone is uncovered. The artificial alveolus is made and the implant is placed in its position. After that the gum is sewed. Depending on the specific regeneration capabilities a period of 3 or 6 months is left for regeneration. After this period the abutment is place and on it the prosthetic construction is cemented.

The life quality is overall improved. Your new teeth look like the natural ones and they stand still in their position. The implant offer possibilities for the dentures: reducing their size, stronger fixation which lead to better function and aesthetics.

In M3 Dent Dental Clinic we have lots of solved cases with implants. More interesting ones: