Restorations with Cerec® are effective, quick and precise alternative to classic ones. With this technique you can have a veneer, crown, inlay, overlay or onlay in one visit within 60 minutes. The material of which they are made of is high quality press ceramic with unique phisical and aeshetic qualities – IPS Empress CAD or IPS e.max CAD.

The first step is classic tooth preparation.

The next step is scanning of the prepared tooth and the ones next to it which can make possible the creation of an virtual model of the teeth.

The third step is the modelling of the future construction. On the previously created teeth model the future construction is being modeled. The operator can choose from various types of tooth anatomy.

After all the modelling is finished the fourth step take place. The construction is being milled. The operator can choose from various types of materials and colors. After the choice is made the dentist places the ceramic block in the milling unit and after 12-17 minutes the construction is ready.

The final step is the placement of the construction.