Conditions of treatment

General conditions

  1. Dental clinic M3 Dent is reserves the right to modify the treatment plan in all stages (for example number of implants, positioning of implants, extractions) without changes to the final result nor price.
  2. Dental clinic M3 Dent is responsible in informing the patient of any changes of the proposed treatment plan.
  3. The current quotation may not be valid in the case of which the patient did not provide a recent X-Ray to the dental clinic for an overview of the patient’s current overall mouth and teeth condition.
  4. M3 Dent dental clinic remains the right to evaluate, at the beginning of the treatment plan, the type and the dimension of temporary structures both crowns (caps), bridges or dentures. The preparation of provisional structures requires a maximum of two days (48 hours).
  5. M3 Dent dental clinic remains the right to change the time period for dental implants loading at any stage of the treatment.
  6. If the patient do not agree with one or more of the following points of the general conditions (1., 2., 3., 4., 5.) all services provided from M3 Dent dental clinic are without guarantee.

Conditions of payment, prices and transport

  1. The prices displayed in this treatment plan are final and they include all the necessary dental extractions, temporary prosthetics, definitive prosthetics, placements of dental implants and dental X-rays.
  2. In order to proceed with the treatment session of each stage, dental clinic M3 Dent requires a settlement of the payment before starting the session.
  3. The prices displayed in this treatment plan include the transfer of the patient from/to Sofia Airport and the hotel where the patient is staying (within the following urban areas Dianabad, Iztok, Darvenitsa, Studenski Grad), transfer from/to the hotel and M3 Dent dental clinic.
  4. Included in the price are only transfers that is necessary for the needs of the dental treatment.
    All the scheduled travel costs to Sofia (Bulgaria) are paid by the patient. Dental clinic M3 Dent is not responsible for any costs of transportation of patients outside the city of Sofia.
  5. Prices displayed do not include the hotel accommodation during the treatment plan.
    Treatment plan can be paid by Cash, Debit/Credit Card (Visa and Master Card). Please note that Amex (American Express is not acceptable).
  6. The payment of the treatment plan is regulated by the following:
    2/3 of the total amount, during the first stage;
    1/3 left as final payment, during the second stage.

Warranty conditions

  1. Lifetime warranty for the implants.
  2. 15 years warranty for zirconium prosthetics.
  3. 5 years warranty for plastic prosthetics.
  4. All warranties are valid only if normal oral hygiene is maintained.
  5. All operations which are within the warranties are done in Sofia (Bulgaria).